Seni Murni

This area of study allows you to freely express your imagination to produce an art works of both painting and sculpture. It will compliment your on-going individual works such as; life painting, linear perspective or focusing on the depiction of figure and objects in space, body painting, and many others of sculpturing.

This is a studio-based program of study where you will gain practical skills and knowledge of a wide range of materials whilst questioning and exploring the possibilities of painting and sculpturing today. Through a series of lectures, seminar, discussions, and tutorials you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of ideas surrounding art practice. You will also provided a wide range of opportunities to be involved in several important events and exhibitions such as Bali Biennale,  Sidik Jari Meusem, Ubud Galleries, and many other.

You will know how your art works are installed, received and understood by participating in an external exhibition with students from across our fine art programs. This program of study allows you to thoroughly explore fine art in a broader art context and is centered on making work and investigating a full range of painting and sculptural materials.

Painting and sculpture in our fine art program of study fosters an enquiring and experimental approach to painting and sculpturing practice, its histories, traditional and contemporary context. This program of study promotes painting and sculpture for purpose. It focuses on process, ideas and dialogues that communicating ideas to the public.

This program of study aims to bring together a range of practices can be explored, and new methodologies can be developed. Your work will be underpinned by a dynamic studio-based culture where you will rigorously investigate the potential of materials. Practical work is complemented by a range of activities such as seminar, critiques, talks and gallery visits led by lecturers, international practitioners, artists and curators.

You will develop your skills through experimentation and instruction by professional lecturers. You will study in a dynamic environment where you will be challenged through dialogue with highly engage artists and curators. You will explore a range of strategies with a view to defining a personal methodology for painting and sculpturing, and will identify a relevancy and process for articulating a personal view or idea.

You are asked to consider what a socially engage art practice might be and to reflect on how artworks are received by specific audiences and operate in the world. They may return to their original disciplines but with a deeper understanding of the role of painting and sculpturing as a creative, generative and transformative language. Graduates will have sufficient theoretical understanding toward master study or develop their careers.

Many graduates are now working successfully in studio practice. In the past our students have worked with galleries, however, this program of study prepares you for progression into a range of careers such as; practicing exhibiting artist, curator, artist assistant, arts management, gallery educator, teacher,  or freelancer/entrepreneurial creative.

Course Distribution

First Semester

NoCodesCoursesPainting CreditsSculpture Credits
1ISI 101Pancasila (Indonesian National Ideology) Education22
2ISI 103Bahasa Indonesia22
3SRD 101Two Dimensional Nirmana22
4SRD 103Line Drawing22
5SRD 105Balinese Ornament22
6LKS 101Landscape Scatching2
7PTG 101Traditional Sculpture of Kekarangan2
8SRM 107Socio-Cultural Science22
9LKS 103Landscape Painting4
10PTG 103Basics of Sculpture4
11SRM 109Knowledge of Tourism22
  Credit Amount2020


Second Semester

NoCodesCoursesPainting CreditsSculpture Credits
1ISI 102Civic Education22
2ISI 104Religious Education22
3ISI 106English22
4SRD 102Three Dimensional Nirmana33
5SRD 104Perspective Drawing33
6SRD 106Ornament of Indonesian Archipelago33
7LKS 102Scatching of Life Activity3
8PTG 102Demigod Forms of Traditional Sculpture3
9LKS 104Tangible Painting4
10PTG 104Model Sculpturing4
  Credit Amount2222


Third Semester

NoCodesCoursesPainting CreditsSculpture Credits
1ISI 203Aesthetics22
2ISI 201Cultural Science22
3SRM 203History of Western Classical Fine Art22
4SRD 201Balinese Art and Culture22
5SRM 209Model Drawing33
6LKS 203Creative Scetch3
7PTG 301Sylicon Reproduction3
8SRM 207Classic Painting of Balinese Puppet Figure22
9SRM 205Knowledge of Material22
10LKS 201Figural Painting4
11PTG 201Reallist Sculpture4
  Credit Amount2222


Fourth Semester

NoCodesCoursesPainting CreditsSculpture Credits
1ISI 202Philosophy of Art22
2ISI 204Research Methodology22
3SRM 202History of Western Modern Fine Art22
4SRD 202Semiothics22
5SRM 206Epic of Balinese Classical Paintinng33
6SRM 208Monumental Art22
7SRM 210History of Oriental Fine Art22
8SRM 204Body Part Plastical Anatomy22
9LKS 204Modern Painting4
10PTG 204Abstract Sculpture4
  Credit Amount2121


Fifth Semester

NoCodesCoursesPainting CreditsSculpture Credits
1ISI 303Seminar22
2SRM 307Creative Experiment22
3SRM 305Whole Body Plastical Anatomy22
4SRM 301Entrepreneurship22
5ISI 301Knowledge of Intellectual Property Right22
6SRD 301History of Indonesian Fine Arts22
7SRM 303Traditional Painting3
8PTG 303Metal Reproduction3
9LKS 305Batik Art2
10PTG 305Multymedia2
11LKS 303Contemporary Painting4
12PTG 303Innovative Sculpture4
  Credit Amount2121


Sixth Semester

NoCodesCoursesPainting CreditsSculpture Credits
1ISI 304History of Art and Culture22
2ISI 302Art Management22
3SRM 302Fine Art Critics33
4SRM 304History of Indonesian Modern Fine Art22
5SRM 306Scientific Writting33
6SRM 308Creation Method33
7SRM 310Art Instalation33
8SRD 302Visual Aesthetic22
  Credit Amount2020


Seventh Semester

NoCodesCoursesPainting CreditsSculpture Credits
1ISI 401Profession Oriented Study (Field Work)33
2SRD 401Field Practice33
3SRM 401Workshop33
4SRM 409Art Review33
  Credit Amount1212


Eighth Semester

NoCodesCoursesPainting CreditsSculpture Credits
1ISI 402Final Task66
  Credit Amount66
  Total Credit within 8 (Eight)  semesters144144