Menjadikan Program Studi Fotografi sebagai pusat pendidikan, kajian dan penciptaan Seni Fotografi dengan mengacu pada program unggulan yang cerdas, terampil dan bermoral sesuai pengembangan ilmu pengetahuan, seni, dan teknologi  yang berbudaya,  sehingga dapat berperan serta dalam pembangunan meningkatkan kesejahteraan masyarakat Indonesia.


Meningkatkan kualitas dan kuantitas pendidikan, penelitian, pengabdian masyarakat di bidang Fotografi secara berkesinambungan serta tetap menjaga kelestarian alam dan lingkungan yang berwawasan budaya.


The photography program of study at The Institut seni Indonesia (ISI) Denpasar adopts an open and experimental approach to fine art photographic practice, stressing the development of personal enquiry, negotiated through frequent dialogue and regular opportunities to exhibit work.

The program of study questions and proposes new forms for practice within and beyond lens based practice. On the program of study you will be asked to consider the broadest applications of image and material within a photographically oriented culture. We encourage you to think, through the documentation, advertising, personal momento, public image and object of expression, how these uses effect our perception of photographic culture. You will be asked to think about the photograph as both image and object, as fleeting appearance, representation and abstraction.

Our excellent technical staff will introduce you to black and white and color dark room processes, studio lighting, advanced alternative printing, post production, color management and much more. One-to-one technical support provides invaluable opportunities to develop specific skills. You will be asked to test and explore the creative possibilities and limit of the medium, and will be encouraged to develop approaches that feed new and innovative ways of working.

You will investigate method through which your work reaches its audience, from physical installation, exhibition, and publication, to new media and web. Thought by prominent artists, critics, curator and publisher, you will be offered opportunities, to develop new ideas, and approaches whilst developing professional contacts and an independent practice.

This program of study prepares you for job in arrange of professional and commercial environments. Recent graduates have been selected for and have exhibited in major Indonesian competitions and exhibitions. This program of study provides you with an extensive opportunities such as; professional photographer, photographic exhibition organizer, lecturer, photographic consultant, etc.

Course Distribution

First Semester

1ISI 101Pancasila (Indonesian National Ideology) Education2
2ISI 103Bahasa Indonesia2
3SRD 101Two Dimensional Nirmana2
4SRD 103Line Drawing2
5SRD 105Balinese Ornament2
6FTG 101Basic Technique of Photography4
7FTG 103Lighting Management2
8FTG 105Photographical Composition2
9FTG 107Computer Editing Application2
10FTG 109History of Photographical Arts2
11FTG 111History of Media2
  Credit Amount25

Second Semester

1ISI 102Civic Science2
2ISI 104Religious Education2
3ISI 106English2
4SRD 102Three Dimensional Nirmana2
5SRD 104Perspective Drawing2
6SRD 106Nusantara (Indonesian Archipelago) Ornament3
7FTG 102Basic Technique of Photography4
8FTG 104Basic Lighting of Photographical Studio2
9FTG 106Design Computer Application2
10FTG 108Knowledge of Advertisment2
  Credit Amount23

Third Semester 

1ISI 201Cultural Science2
2ISI 203Aesthetics2
3SRD 201Balinese Art and Culture2
4FTG 201Life Style Photography4
5FTG 203Advanced Photographical Studio2
6FTG 205Photographical Model2
7FTG 207Photographical Make up2
8FTG 209Ethiques of Journalistics2
9FTG 211Theory of Communication2
10FTG 213Photographical Illustration2
  Credit Amount22


Fourth Semester

1ISI 202Arts Philosophy2
2ISI 204Research Method2
3SRD 202Semiothics2
4FTG 202Photography of Nature4
5FTG 204Multymedia Presentation Method2
6FTG 206Photographical Creation Method2
7FTG 208Review of Photography2
8FTG 210Animation2
9FTG 212Pre-Wedding Photography2
10FTG 214Ethnophotography2
  Credit Amount22

Fifth Semester

1ISI 301Knowledge of Intellectual Property Right2
2ISI 302Seminnar2
3SRD 301History of Indonesian Fine Art2
4FTG 301Journalistic Photography3
5FTG 303Life Style Photographical Product2
6FTG 305Expressive Photography3
7FTG 307Knowledge of Material and Dark Room Photography2
  Credit Amount16


Sixth Semester

1ISI 302Art Management2
2ISI 304History of Art and Culture2
3SRD 302Visual Aethetics2
4FTG 302Essay Photography3
5FTG 304Fashional Photography3
6FTG 306Photographical instalation3
Optional Courses (1 Course)2
7DFS 208Bussiness Fashion and Creative Economy
8FTG 310Review of TV and Film
9FTG 312Knowledge of Tourism
10FTG 314Documenntary Film
  Credit Amount17


Seventh Semester

1ISI 401Profesion oriented Study (Field Work)3
2SRD 401Field Practice3
3FTG 401Concept of Photographical Art4
4FTG 403Artwork Script Writting Guidance2
5FTG 405Critics of Photography2
  Credit Amount14


Eighth Semester

1ISI 402Final Task6
  Credit Amount6
  Total Credit144