Visual communication allows you to examine the wide-ranging aspects of the visual design process and contemporary communication. We place a strong emphasis on exclusive and bespoke live projects in collaboration with industry.

The work you will produce will reflect your passion for high quality ideas and developing digital and technical skills, preparing you for industry. You will work on multiple creative briefs, learning how to manage a diverse workload with varied outcomes. Through out this program of study you will develop a sound understanding of the link between technology and the user, between the creativity and the professional sector, and between theory and practice.

We encourage a broad and diverse approach to the design thinking and design practice, which will help you to shape engaging and imaginative design solutions through materials, media, technologies, and people. Visual design is a means of communication which permeates across culture, society, commerce, and science. We encourage you to respond to this challenge by teaching you how to organize and use design thinking in highly individual ways.

Lecturers will help you initiate frameworks for projects within which theoretical research and design practice are purposefully questioned and explored in relation to a theme, problem or proposition. You will learn how to develop your own rigorous design process, which will provide you with the means to employ critical thinking, shape materials and forms, generate and communicate content, develop prototype and engage with audience testing.

To ensured students to prepare for emerging opportunities and new applications of visual communication design, several initiatives are organized to support collaboration with external experts, and to introduce you to specialist networks and cultural organizations. Students go onto work at senior position in design agencies and advertising and an increasing number of graduates have found their own studios. This focus of this program of study is on critical practice, supporting students to be forward thinking about their application either on to professional practice or pursuing research to master level.

Course Distribution


First Semester

1ISI 101Pancasila (Indonesian National Ideology) Education2
2ISI 103Bahasa indonesia2
3SRD 101Two Dimensional Nirmana2
4SRD 103Line Drawing2
5SRD 105Balinese Ornament2
6DKV 101Basic Typhography2
7DKV 103Communication Process2
8DKV 105Basic Illustration2
9DKV 107Basic Computer2
10DKV 109Knowledge of Graphic Material2
Credit Amount20


Second Semester

1ISI 102Civic Science2
2ISI 104Religious Education2
3ISI 106English2
4SRD 102Three Dimensional Nirmana2
5SRD 104Perspective Drawing2
6SRD 106Nusantara (Indonesian Archipelago) Ornament3
7DKV 104Applicative Typhography3
8DKV 106Applicative illustration3
9DKV 108Cartoon2
Credit Amount21


Third Semester

1ISI 201Cultural Science2
2ISI 203Aesthetics2
3SRD 201Balinese Art and Culture2
4DKV 201Basic Visual Communication Design4
5DKV 203Erghonomy2
6DKV 205High Printing and Filtering Process3
7DKV 207Communication Phsycology2
8DKV 209Illustration of Tradition2
9DKV 211Basic Photography2
Credit Amount21


Fourth Semester

1ISI 202Phylosophy of Art2
2ISI 204Research Method2
3SRD 202Semiothics2
4DKV 202Media of Visual Communication Design4
5DKV 204Graphic Computer3
6DKV 206Deep and Plain Printing process3
7DKV 208Documentary Social Photography2
8DKV 210Balinese Traditional Comics3
9DKV 212Design Sociology2
Credit Amount23


Fifth Semester

1ISI 301Knowledge of Intellectual Property Right2
2ISI 303Seminar2
3SRD 301History of Indonesian Fine Art2
4DKV 301Industrial Visual Communication Design4
5DKV 303Animation3
6DKV 305Applicative Photography3
7DKV 307Knowledge of Advertisment2
8DKV 309Graphical Presentation Technique2
Credit Amount20


Sixth Semester

1ISI 302Art Management2
2ISI 304History of Art and Culture2
3SRD 302Visual Aesthetics2
4DKV 302Commercial Visual Communication Design5
5DKV 304Design Review2
6DKV 306Multymedia3
7DKV 308Research Method of Design2
Elective Course2
Credit Amount20


Seventh Semester

1ISI 401Profesion Oriented Study (Field Work)3
2SRD 401Field Practice3
3DKV 401Project of Visual Communication Design5
4DKV 403History of Modern Design2
Credit Amount13


Eighth Semester

1ISI 404Final Task6
Credit Amount6
Total Credit144