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Our program of study will encourage you to take an experimental and creative approach to fashion design, bringing together ideas and conceptual development within a vibrant studio culture and fashion workshops. Projects will include both fashion and interior/exterior contacts. You will develop expertise in your chosen specialism. In the first year you are introduced to each of fashion areas and then choose your specialism during the first year.

You will develop your skills, idea generation for design and technical skills and supported by led practitioners in their fields. The interaction between new technologies and traditional craft processes is a dynamic aspect of the program of study. Environmental issues and concerns are embedded within the curriculum supported by staff research. A critical theory will support you in considering your design practice with broad, socio-cultural, environmental and historical context.

It needs to explore creative approaches to sustainable fashion design, supported by unique and vibrant community of fellow students, teaching staff, and visiting practitioners. On this studio based program of study, there are numerous opportunities for developing and collaborating on pioneering work within the fashion industry and your study is underpinned by a supportive theoretical framework, as well as instruction in professional contemporary practice. Our focus is concern and debate about the designer’s role in and responsibility for environmental issues. We encourage you to respond to the growing awareness of selecting raw materials, and working out the impact of production and the ultimate life cycle of the product, especially concerning its disposal or reuse.

Throughout the program of study, you participate in and develop your skills through individual and group tutorials, workshop, online resources, and undergraduate talks designed to introduce you to arrange of visiting artist, designer and other practitioners. Graduates of this program of study have gone on to pursue careers as fashion practitioners and designer, working with or establishing their own major and independent fashion labels. In addition, our graduates have gone on to work in international fashion design studios, or set up business of their own. Others have joined international design teams in fashion houses and high street contexts.

Course Distribution

First Semester

1ISI 101Pancasila (Indonesian National Ideology) Education3
2ISI 103Bahasa Indonesia2
3SRD 101Two Dimensional Nirmana2
4SRD 103Line Drawing2
5SRD 105Balinese Ornament2
6DFS 109Design Phsycology2
7DFS 107History of Fashion2
8DFS 101Review of Balinese Traditional Fashion3
9DFS 103Basic Illustration of Fashion2
10DFS 105Fashion Anathomy3
  Credit Amount22


Second Semester

1ISI 102Civic Science2
2ISI 104Religious Education2
3ISI 106English2
4SRD 102Two Dimensional Nirmana2
5SRD 104Perspective Drawing2
6SRD 106Nusantara (Indonesian Archipelago) Ornament3
7DFS 102Basic Pattern of Fashion3
8DFS 104Advanced Illustration of Fashion2
9DFS 106Tayloring Technique3
  Credit Amount21


Third Semester

1ISI 201Cultural Science2
2ISI 203Aesthetics2
3SRD 201Balinese Art and Culture2
4DFS 201Fashion and Accecories Design4
5DFS 203Skilled Pattern of Fashion3
6DFS 205Make Up and Hair Do of Fashion3
7DFS 207Women and Children Wears/Fashion2
8DFS 209Expert Illustration of Fashion2
9DFS 211Traditional and Modern Textile2
  Credit Amount23


Fourth Semester

1ISI 202Philosophy of Art2
2ISI 204Research Method2
3SRD 202Semiothics2
4DFS 202Fashion Design Product for Public4
5DFS 204Expert Pattern of Fasshion3
6DFS 206Men Wears/Fashion3
7DFS 208Bussiness Fashion and Creative Economy2
8DFS 210Textile Design3
  Credit Amount21

Fifth Semester

1ISI 301Knowledge of Intellectual Property Right2
2ISI 303Seminar2
3SRD 301History of Indonesian Fine Art2
4DFS 307Journalistic Fashion2
5DFS 301Design Engineering3
6DFS 303Costums for Performance / Fashion Show Design4
7DFS 305Gradding3
8DFS 309Fashion Computer2
  Credit Amount20


Sixth Semester

1ISI 302Art Management2
2ISI 304History of Art and Culture2
3SRD 302Visual Aesthetics2
4DFS 302Tayloring3
5DFS 304Houte Couture Fashion Design5
6DFS 306Drapping3
  Credit Amount17


Seventh Semester

1ISI 401Profesion Oriented Study (Field Work)3
2SRD 401Field Practice3
3FTG 304Optional : Fashion Photography3
TVF 212Dramaturgy3
4DFS 401Fashion Show5
  Credit Amount14


Eighth Semester

1ISI 402Final Task6
  Credit Amount6
  Total Credit144