Desain Interior

This program of study is principally interested in developing relationship between academic study and contemporary practice. During this four years vocational degree you will enjoy a wide range of live projects from small scale briefs such as furniture and product design, through to large scale proposals for commercial and retail interiors to engage and develop your creative, technical, and analytical abilities. The program of study has been recognized and works in partnership with design organizations and practices as well as key individuals from the design industry.

This program of study explores including disciplines and skills such as researching, drawing, testing, model making, computer aided design, and ergonomics. You will be based in our design studio which will give you the understanding of a professional, working environment.  Professional design briefs will be set for you to introduce you to issues related to designing public interior spaces such as planning and ergonomics. You will produce works that ranges from small to large scale interior schemes examining all aspects of an interior design brief from conception through to completion. A lecture and seminar program will help you investigate the vocabulary of architecture and design. Through this program of study you will develop a flexible open mindedness when thinking about interior design and you will be given the opportunity to critically engage with contemporary design approaches. We will show you how to connect with interior design in a variety of ways, for example, through designing, writing, visually communicating and researching.

You do not have to come from an art and design background to study on this program of study. But you do need to have developed some drawing skills. Once on the program of study you will combine the skills you already have, whether business, marketing or law, for example, with the interior design skills you will gain, making you even more employable. On completing this program of study, you can count on feeling confident about working as a professional interior designer. The lecturers of the program of study will discuss your future plans at every stage to ensure your work provides you with the best opportunity of success when engaging in your chosen path.

The program of study will certainly put you at an advantage if you are interested in graduating to the master level of interior design at ISI Denpasar and many of our graduates take this route. Other graduates continuo with education in other related disciplines and others gain employment with architecture and interior design companies worldwide.

Course Distribution
First Semester

1ISI 101Pancasila (Indonesian National Ideology) Education2
2ISI 103Bahasa Indonesia2
3SRD 101Two Dimensional Nirmana2
4SRD 103Line Drawwing2
5SRD 105Balinese Ornament2
6DIR 101Basic  Drawing Technique2
7DIR 103Interior Material Introduction2
8DIR 105Interior Utility2
9DIR 107Erghonomy2
10DIR 109Eco Design2
  Credit Amount20


Second Semester

1ISI 102Civic Science2
2ISI 104Religious Education2
3ISI 106English2
4SRD 102Three Dimensional Nirmana2
5SRD 104Prespective Drawing2
6SRD 106Nusantara (Indonesian Archipelago) Ornament3
7DIR 102Applied Technique of Drawing2
8DIR 104Ergho-Design2
9DIR 106Balinese Traditional Product Design Review2
10DIR 108Basics of Interior Design2
  Credit Amount21


Third Semester 

1ISI 201Cultural Science2
2ISI 203Aesthetics2
3SRD 201Balinese Art and Culture2
4DIR 201Interior Design of Residence4
5DIR 203Basic Design of Furniture3
6DIR 205Interior Design Computer2
7DIR 207Balinese Traditional Architecture2
8DIR 209Interior Construction2
9DIR 211Design Phsycology2
  Credit Amount21


Fourth Semester

1ISI 202Philosophy of Art2
2ISI 204Research Method2
3SRD 202Semiothics2
4DIR 202Office Interior Design4
5DIR 204Innovative Furniture Design3
6DIR 206Basics of Exterior Design2
7DIR 208Balinese Traditional Architectural Drawing3
8DIR 210Basics Concept of Interior Design2
  Credit Amount20


Fifth Semester

1ISI 301Knowledge of Intellectual property Right2
2ISI 303Seminar2
3SRD 301History of Indonesian Fine Art2
4DIR 301Balinese Traditional Pattern and Metric Calculation of Building Asta Bumi & Kosala Kosali2
5DIR 303Interior Design of Social Building5
6DIR 305Explorative Furniture Design4
7DIR 307Exterior Design3
  Credit Amount20


Sixth Semester

1ISI 302Arts Management2
2ISI 304History of Indonesian Art and Culture2
3SRD 302Visual Aethetics2
4DIR 302Design Review2
5DIR 304Interior Design of Comercial Building5
6DIR 306History of Social Design2
7DIR 308Design Presentation Method2
DKV 101Basic Typhography
DKV 105Other Basic Illustration
DKV 211Other Basic Photography
  Credit Amount19


Seventh Semester

1ISI 401Profession Oriented Study (Field Work)3
2SRD 401Field Practice3
3DIR 401Interior Design Management2
4DIR 403Review of Balinese Contemporary Interior2
5DIR 405Interior Design of Transportation and Entertainment Facility5
6DIR 407Method of Design Research2
  Credit Amount17


Eighth Semester

1ISI 402Final Task6
  Credit Amount6
  Total Credit144