The Indonesian Art Institute Denpasar is an arts college organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture which is under and directly responsible to the Ministry of Education and Culture. ISI Denpasar is functionally managed by the Director General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture. ISI Denpasar was founded based on Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Number 33 of 2003 dated 26 May 2003 which is an integration of the Indonesian Art College (STSI) Denpasar and the Fine Arts and Design Study Program (PSSRD) Udayana University.

STSI Denpasar, previously known as the Indonesian Dance Arts Academy (ASTI) Denpasar, was founded by the Bali Provincial Government on January 28 1967 with the Decree of the Governor of the Level I Regional Head of Bali Number 2/Pem/5/I/a/1967, on the initiative of the Advisory Council and Cultural Development (Listibya). The establishment of ASTI Denpasar was based on the Basic Pattern of Policy for the Development of Balinese Regional Culture which pays attention to the characteristics of defense, excavation, guidance and development of Balinese regional culture. The increasingly intensive interaction between culture and technology, as well as the increasing number of artists passing away, has caused it to be feared that several forms of traditional Balinese art will become extinct, so it is necessary to provide arts education for the younger generation as heirs and saviors of the nation’s culture.

After two years of existence, ASTI Denpasar received regional status from the Ministry of Education and Culture with Decree Number 066/1969 dated 7 August 1969 and ASTI Denpasar was declared a Department of ASTI Yogyakarta whose management was handled by the Directorate General of Culture, Ministry of Education and Culture. During the 8 years of carrying out education under the Directorate General of Culture and changes in the organizational structure within the Ministry of Education and Culture, since 1976 the management of ASTI Denpasar has been handled by the Directorate General of Higher Education, and guidance has been directed towards the formation of the Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) together with other academies. other arts academies in Indonesia.

With the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 1445/0/1988, ASTI Denpasar’s status was upgraded to the Indonesian Art College (STSI) Denpasar. The establishment of STSI Denpasar was confirmed by Presidential Decree Number 22 of 1992.

Since 1 October 1965 PSSRD has been the Fine Arts Department of the Faculty of Engineering, UNUD based on the Decree of the Minister of PTIP RI Number 240/Sek/PU/1965 dated 20 October 1965. Based on the Decree of the Chancellor of Unud Number 483/SK/PT.17/R.VIII/1983 dated 10 In May 1983, PSSRD Unud was formed as an inter-faculty study program, strengthened by the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture Number 5/DIKTI/Kep/1984 in its function of implementing the Tridharma of Higher Education.

Taking into account the concentration of higher arts education to maintain culture, with the support of the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of National Education, the Bali Regional Government and the Balinese people, preparations have begun to integrate the two arts institutions, STSI Denpasar and PSSRD Unud, into one arts college, starting in 1993 and continuing in 1999. On July 28 2003 The Minister of National Education (Prof. Drs. Abdul Malik Fadjar, M.Sc) inaugurated the establishment of ISI Denpasar, marked by the signing of an inscription at the Natya Mandala Building of ISI Denpasar. With the inauguration of ISI Denpasar, the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design has the task of managing a department with 7 undergraduate and D4 study programs.


The vision of the ISI Denpasar Faculty of Fine Arts and Design is to become a center for the creation, study, presentation and development of superior fine arts and designs based on local culture in the form of national character and playing a role in global competition.


  • Organizing quality higher education in order to create, develop, foster plurality and multiculturality of local Indonesian culture, in order to have competitiveness in the global arena,
  • Producing graduates who are moral, creative, tough, superior and have an entrepreneurial spirit,
  • Increasing research and community service that supports education and the advancement of arts, science and technology,
  • Strengthening the faculty organization in achieving optimal performance to anticipate current developments.


The Bachelor of Arts education program is to produce academic and professional personnel in the fields of Fine Arts, Interior Design, Visual Communication Design, Fashion Design, Art Crafts, Photography, and Television and Film who are able to handle general arts problems independently and in detail. so that graduates of this study program are able to:

  • Create and present various ideas in various forms of fine art and be responsible ethically, morally and academically,
  • Studying, analyzing various phenomena of fine arts and culture,
  • Presenting works of art creatively, innovatively and professionally,
  • Developing entrepreneurship in managing fine arts and cultural activities.


“Sewake Guna Widya Satyam Sivam Sundharam” which means carrying out Dharma and obligations based on “truth, holiness/glory, harmony/beauty”


    ISI Denpasar has a symbol called “Ciwa Nataraja” which is the embodiment of Ciwa as the god of art creation where each of his four hands holds a sacred library as a symbol of the bond of knowledge, namely:

    • Keropak/Cakepan as a symbol of science
    • Musical instruments as symbols of art and culture
    • Genitri as a symbol of the bond and power of knowledge,
    • The whip is a symbol of encouragement and control

    Lord Ciwa standing on a lotus flower supported by a turtle is a symbol of world balance, the lotus flower symbolizes light as an embodiment of the power of God Almighty.

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